Benzoyl Peroxide is the answer to your, “How to get rid of Acne?!”

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Acne spots are a health issue that although not dangerous in any way, can cause serious emotional distress among teens and adults. For most light to moderate acne sufferers, these acne spots seem to come and go even with treatment of antibiotics and creams. Antibiotics are almost always a short term solution so it is no secret on why they seem to stop working after some time. There is one specific acne cream that does control acne for light to moderate sufferers.

You or your friends have probably worn Benzoyl Peroxide at one point or another and for good cause. It is a very common ingredient in acne treatments and in creams that promise you smooth skin, generally. Some of you might complain that Benzoyl Peroxide simply does not work on a constant basis but on the contrary it is usually user error that leads to this.

Benzoyl Peroxide will work at controlling and eliminating acne spotsĀ  if it is used on a consistent basis.

I, personally, have been successful applying 2.5% (higher percentages work but cause dry skin) before bed, every night, for the past couple of years. It only takes consistency to see improvement. Benzoyl Peroxide obviously will not work for more severe cases but for the vast majority of us, it is the most effective solution.

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